2000 turbo GTP for sale

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2000 turbo GTP for sale

Postby steveski » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:52 pm

Selling the car because I am tired of working on it and am ready for a new car. I have owned the car for 4 years and it was completely stock when I first got it. Engine has lifter tick after replacing head gaskets. The old rocker arm bolts were reused, so it may be as simple as getting new bolts. Trans overheats when driven hard for 30 minutes or more. Car was driven for about 1000 miles with no TC lockup. TC lockup was fixed (Missing O-ring on input shaft) and now locks up on command as it should. I cannot guarantee that the TC was not damaged, but all shifts are smooth and power delivery is consistent in each gear. Old engine developed rod knock so this engine was just put in about 1000 miles ago. The old engine had an ST5 cam in it with GTP bottom end and made 419 WHP on 22psi boost. This engine has the N/A bottom end with stock cam and 15psi boost, so it might be around 350 WHP. Lots of good parts on the car. Car runs and drives, but I wouldn’t call it reliable transportation. This is sold as is and the buyer should probably be willing to work on it if it breaks. Car was tuned with HP tuners.
Many good parts for you 3800 guys. Come check it out if your interested and call/text with any questions.
Call or text Steve 810-569-9 four 86. I work 1st shift, so afternoons are the best time to call, but text anytime.

**Engine – 140,000 miles
98 non supercharged bottom end with 04 non supercharged heads and intake manifolds
90# LS1 style valve springs with new valve stem seals
Heads, intake and exhaust manifolds all gasket matched
Northstar throttle body
NGK TR6 plugs
Greddy BOV
Front mount intercooler
Holset HX35 turbo
Tial 38mm wastegate V-band
ARP head studs with new head gaskets
Solid polyurethane motor mounts
42.5 lb lucas injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump with ZZP rewire kit
3” exhaust with Flowmaster Hushpower muffler and 4” glasspack
Interceptor scan gauges – The screen is faded on one of them so you cannot see the top numbers
AEM wideband O2 sensor
Oil pressure gauge in car does not work
Lifter tick

**Trans - 3000 miles since rebuild
Triple Edge Performance Stage 2 performance kit
Stage 2 valve body
3000 stall ZZP torque converter
ZZP 4340 input shaft
Hardened 4th gear shaft
7/8” single chain
Stage 2 GM CV shafts
Has two external coolers hooked up in series - radiator is not used because that is what killed last trans
Trans is overheating. Gets up to about 230 *F after 30 minutes

**Chassis – 192,000 miles
Grey leather interior – no rips or tears
1.5”Lowering springs
Ultra stuts – replaced about 20,000 miles ago
Raptor Riken 245/50/16 tires – 5000 miles on tires and 1 year old
Underbody was undercoated 3 years ago, but there is still some rust underneath
Rear strut towers have no rust in them at all
Dent on passenger quarter panel
Paint peel on rear bumper
Ball joints are worn out and should be replaced
Car steers slightly to the left when on the highway
Both front wheel bearings have been replaced with Timkens within last 30,000 miles
F-body front brakes – dual piston aluminum calipers
12” front rotors drilled and slotted zinc plated

**Other things I have for sale
Heads from series 2 supercharged and also from series 2 non-supercharged 3800
M90 supercharger
Pacesetter headers for supercharged 3800
Factory motor mounts idler pulleys, harmonic balancers, intake/exhaust manifolds and stuff like that from W body grand prix
Double roller timing chain
3/8” comp cams pushrods
ST5 stattama turbo cam
Comp cams lifters
GTP fuel injectors
2000 GTP 190,xxx mi
L67 bottom end. L26 heads and intake manifolds. All manifolds are gasket matched. N* TB. Stock cam. 90# springs. Holset HX35W Turbo. 38mm Tial wastegate. 50mm BOV. 3" Turbo back exhaust. Front mount intercooler. 42.5 lb lucas injectors. Walbro 255 fuel pump.
HP Tuners. AEM Wideband O2.
17 psi
341 WHP
396 ft*lbs
12.71 sec @ 113 mph
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Re: 2000 turbo GTP for sale

Postby 2001goldGTP » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:12 pm

not to be an asshole, but what do you want for the car and for the parts?
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